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(Permalink) Posted: April 16 2019,13:50   

Quote (Alan Fox @ April 15 2019,13:14)
Quote (keiths @ April 03 2019,15:13)
I see that Alan still hasn't supported his allegations of misogyny.

Has he run away again?

I think I have.

You have not.  Please cite the specific comments made by each of us that contain misogynistic statements.  If you cannot, have the decency to retract your baseless accusations.
I do think of you three as the three misogynists.

Think what you like, but when you make your thoughts public you have a duty to support them.
It is intended as an insult, as is your "white knighting SJW".

The difference is that you have clearly demonstrated your white knighting behavior, in this very thread.  Rich, Keith, and I have not demonstrated misogyny here or at TSZ.
If you think I can libel pseudonymous internet account holders by mentioning my thoughts about them, then sue and be damned.

I see that you have repeated your defamatory allegations at TSZ and linked here.  Given that my real name and email address are available there, you've clearly demonstrated that the concerns over libelous content in keiths' case were no more than a smokescreen to cover your personal vendetta against him.  Of course, we knew that anyway.

I'm married to a woman and am the father of daughters, so I take your slurs seriously.  Do you have the integrity to support your aspersions or retract them?

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