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Quote (Alan Fox @ April 15 2019,10:14)
Quote (keiths @ April 03 2019,15:13)
I see that Alan still hasn't supported his allegations of misogyny.

I think I have.

You haven't, and I've addressed that already:
Patrick asks Alan to point out the supposed misogyny.

Alan links to a comment from hotshoe that neither demonstrates, nor even attempts to demonstrate, that she was being treated misogynistically.

He also makes a vague reference to "the environs" of that comment without pointing out any misogyny therein.

In support of his "three misogynists" accusation, he writes
The reference was to your, Patrick and keiths's constructive dismissal of hotshoe, TSZ's last female contributor. if disagreeing with a woman were synonymous with misogyny, and as if her being the "last female contributor" meant that we should treat her differently from everyone else at TSZ.

I regret missing that episode till it was too late to salvage.

As if hotshoe were some delicate flower who, being female, needed special protection from the likes of Alan, of all people.

She was frustrated because she didn't get her way.  She left of her own volition.  It wasn't misogyny, which is why Alan can't point to any.

No wonder you ran away for two weeks.

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