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Quote (keiths @ April 09 2019,03:34)
Quote (keiths @ April 03 2019,18:13)
I see that Alan still hasn't supported his allegations of misogyny.

Has he run away again?

We're still waiting for you to support your allegations, Alan.

It’s only been a week.  He’s probably still working on justifying ignoring Lizzie’s explicit instructions, banning you for 30 days despite you not breaking any rules, putting me in pre-moderation despite me not breaking any rules, ignoring a threat to dox a TSZ participant, ignoring the actual doxxing of a TSZ participant for days, failing to enforce that bannable violation of a clearly written rule, and removing another moderator despite no rule granting that authority.  The poor fellow is barely able to spare a moment to move non-rule-violating comments to Guano and turn a blind eye while his fellow admins do the same (and close active threads, despite the rules).

Building the personal integrity required to either support or retract an unfounded, libelous slur takes time.  Alan’s a busy guy.

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