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(Permalink) Posted: April 02 2019,19:05   

Quote (Alan Fox @ April 02 2019,19:05)
Quote (Patrick @ April 02 2019,11:34)
Quote (Alan Fox @ April 02 2019,16:01)
The reference was to your, Patrick and keiths's constructive dismissal of hotshoe, TSZ's last female contributor.

Please provide links to any comments of mine that demonstrate misogyny, towards hotshoe or anyone else at TSZ or any other online forum.

While you're at it, make the same accusation over at TSZ and we'll see if DNA Jock gets the same vapors he got over keiths' post.

ETA:  Here's the last detailed comment I remember writing directly to hotshoe:  Please point out the misogyny.

@ Patrick: and environs

Let's see:

- I asked Neil to determine if one of hotshoe's comments should be Guano'd because I knew hotshoe had complained about my previous decisions.

- I told hotshoe "You’re capable of writing incisive, interesting comments. This bullshit is beneath you."

- I posted a meme directed at Mung in response to a comment by Rich.

- I agreed with her about a comment made by keiths.

Yeah, I'm a monster.

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