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Alan Fox

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(Permalink) Posted: April 02 2019,15:01   

Hi Alan.

Hi Rich.

"I think of you as the three misogynists" as we'd prefer you replaced with a woman (Lizzie) that is amusing.
The reference was to your, Patrick and keiths's constructive dismissal of hotshoe, TSZ's last female contributor. I regret missing that episode till it was too late to salvage.

Moderation is a thankless task and like a referee, even when done well someone is upset. You're not paid to do this etc. so this is me understanding those things.
I wouldn't do it for money if the task were thankless. I do it because I enjoy it. Also I'm an internet addict. There is a point at which the enjoyment is outweighed.

: "That you are impressed with blinking lights, is a surprise to no one." - I am the subject of "blinking lights"

Rich: "Anyone who things (sic) that the significance of this is simply “blinking lights” probably should have less intellectual hobbies." - If I thought that's all it was I shouldn't be here.

What is wrong with that interpretation? Oh right: It doesn't let Alan clutch his pearls.
Not sure it's me who's the drama queen here. I moved a comment that you confirm was directed at phoodoo that contains no other substance to guano, along with a comment by phoodoo, and you flounce. I think that was an over-reaction. but your choice.

It's also painful that "Anyone who thinKs that the significance of this is simply “blinking lights” probably should have less intellectual hobbies." is true.
It's arguable that it is fairly accurate, perhaps.    
But we'd hide it down the memory hole at TSZ. That's simply regressive.
You have to work within the rules. And you are not restricted in either reposting the substance of your comment or appealing to other admins.

You probably don't like the comparison to UD...
I think it is utterly fucking ridiculous but I'm open to persuasion otherwise. Explain.
...but half the posts are now shitty apologetics from a very small cast of characters. But you do have 6(!) vibrant threads griping about the shit moderation.
Have you noticed who is doing most of the griping?

This is partly ID's fault for imploding.
Well, sure. ID died a long time ago. TSZ is not the only site to be on the wane due to ID's demise. AtBC isn't exactly booming, Pandas Thumb is a shadow of its former self.  
TSZ can keep working on how many angels can dance on with a pinhead.
A site is only as interesting as its contributors. TSZ has a long list of folks who used to post. I doubt it will recover from its heyday and that might happen only were Lizzie to re-engage.  I have no indication that might happen.

You don't know what you got till it's gone.

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