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(Permalink) Posted: April 02 2019,10:12   

Quote (Alan Fox @ April 02 2019,02:54)
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 01 2019,10:57)
Quote (Patrick @ April 01 2019,11:01)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 31 2019,19:29)
"..No question now what has happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again: but already it was impossible to say which was which."

You made me look!

Anyone who things that the significance of this is simply “blinking lights” probably should have less intellectual hobbies.

You disruptive bastard.  If you can't see how that breaks the rules (while outing someone doesn't), you should ask Barry Arrington to explain it to you.

Things/ thinks. I’ll blame autocorrect :(

ETA - "anyone" is "a personal attack." You can't make this up. Better not go after racism in case we offend any of our racists.

Come off it Rich. It was directed at phoodoo, the only person in the thread who mentioned "blinking lights".

@ Patrick

Thanks for the Barry Arrington comparison. How many UD accounts has he blocked? The one banned member (that's you, Joe Gallien) was blocked with your instigation and agreement. You, keiths and Rich (I think of you as the three misogynists) are free to participate as is everyone else, apart from Joe.

ETA and ALurker if he is still around!

Hi Alan.

"I think of you as the three misogynists" as we'd prefer you replaced with a woman (Lizzie) that is amusing.

Moderation is a thankless task and like a referee, even when done well someone is upset. You're not paid to do this etc. so this is me understanding those things.

Phoodoo: "That you are impressed with blinking lights, is a surprise to no one." - I am the subject of "blinking lights"

Rich: "Anyone who things (sic) that the significance of this is simply “blinking lights” probably should have less intellectual hobbies." - If I thought that's all it was I shouldn't be here.

What is wrong with that interpretation? Oh right: It doesn't let Alan clutch his pearls.

Or a more nuanced version. Yes it's another sci fi Allegory - Frank Herbert's classic Dune:

"A duke's son must know about poisons," she said. "It's the way of our times, eh? Musky, to be poisoned in your drink. Aumas, to be poisoned in your food. The quick ones and the slow ones and the ones in between. Here's a new one for you: the gom jabbar. It kills only animals."

Pride overcame Paul's fear. "You dare suggest a duke's son is an animal?" he demanded.

"Let us say I suggest you may be human," she said.

It's also painful that "Anyone who thinKs that the significance of this is simply “blinking lights” probably should have less intellectual hobbies." is true. But we'd hide it down the memory hole at TSZ. That's simply regressive.

You probably don't like the comparison to UD, but half the posts are now shitty apologetics from a very small cast of characters. But you do have 6(!) vibrant threads griping about the shit moderation.

This is partly ID's fault for imploding. TSZ can keep working on how many angels can dance on with a pinhead.

Edited by Richardthughes on April 02 2019,12:31

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