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Tony M Nyphot:
Do not assume or question whether I have been paying attention or not. I have followed along and read through the moderation threads.

Note the word 'or' in my sentence:
Then you either haven't been paying attention, or you have a very odd notion of what their duties are.

What notions I have about their duties may or may not be odd, depending on who is interpreting what is happening.

As I alluded to in my previous comment, I'm sure you believe your interpretation is the "right" one and subsequently that their "abuses" are obvious.

Like Patrick, I invite you to justify your interpretation in light of the actual evidence.

For example, in the aftermath of the ALurker debacle, not one person was willing to step forward to defend Alan's behavior.  Not even Alan himself.  

You could be the first.

And the set of natural numbers is also the set that starts at 0 and goes to the largest number. -- Joe G

Please stop putting words into my mouth that don't belong there and thoughts into my mind that don't belong there. -- KF

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