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Quote (Tony M Nyphot @ Mar. 25 2019,14:58)
Just my singular opinion as an outsider:

I don't feel that Neil, Alan and Jock have abused their duties.

Please go through my enumerated points above and see how your feelings align with the empirical evidence.  If you think I've mischaracterized their behavior, I'm interested in the details of what, exactly, I've gotten wrong.

Perhaps you could create a poll and find out if the majority of users feel the same way you do.

The evidence exists, there is no need for or value to a poll.  Realz before feelz.

While keiths has provided educational and informative posts that I enjoy, his incessant whining, personal attacks, and obsessive need that his interpretations of events be the "right" ones make up the majority of his comments, drowning out anything positive he has to contribute. For me personally, he has become one of the reasons I no longer frequent TSZ. Your enabling of this tiresome behavior during his boycott contributed to that as well.

That "tiresome behavior" was in response to the admins abusing their privileges to settle a personal score with keiths.  They deserved to be called out on that.  TSZ is supposed to be better than UD.

What conclusion do you draw from the difference in response to keiths, who didn't break any rules, and Joshua, who committed one of the bannable offenses?

As far as Mung, he's essentially a pedestrian troll and I question if his maneuvers as an administrator were nothing more than conscious machinations to stir up conflict. So congratulations to both you and keiths for aiding and abetting. I'm sure Mung is quite gleeful with the outcome. I have no problem with his removal as an admin given his actions.

What actions specifically?  Undoing the abuse of keiths?  Attempting to enforce the rules against doxxing?

Maybe it's just a personal revelation, but FMM, PooDooDoo, and J-Mac don't park their priors at the door, rarely post in good faith, and contribute little content worth discussing per the aims of TSZ.

I agree.  I even wrote a post about it.

To be honest, I feel keiths frequently inhabits their province despite being much smarter. I find that sad.

We don't all agree with or enjoy interacting with everyone on a forum.  That does not excuse the admins ignoring Elizabeth's explicit instructions, breaking her rules, and failing to uphold her vision.

Quote own personal impressions and nothing more.

I appreciate the response.  I'm genuinely curious to hear your thoughts on the specifics I raised above.

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