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Why can't he do it here?

You censored the discussion at TSZ by suspending me.  I refuse to reward your censorship by discussing it here, rather than at TSZ, where the discussion belongs.

I disagree on the "wasn't allowed to modify his post".

Then you're denying the obvious.  

I modified it, removing both the accusation of lying and the reference to Swamidass as a "charlatan".  Neil refused to publish it.  You backed him, and you subsequently suspended me for 30 days -- the most severe penalty ever, short of a permanent ban, and at a blog where the owner is opposed to censorship.

It was shameful behavior -- an antagonistic response to a conciliatory move, based on a personal grudge, and it was censorship. You abused your moderation powers and inflamed the situation when you should have been working to de-escalate it.

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Please stop putting words into my mouth that don't belong there and thoughts into my mind that don't belong there. -- KF

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