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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 09 2018,10:44   

Quote (keiths @ Sep. 09 2018,10:42)
All that is occuring is a difference of opinion on how best to follow Lizzie’s intended wishes.

No, because the moderators are deliberately acting against Lizzie's clear wishes. They know that Lizzie doesn't support censorship,  but they simply don't care.

I published a non-rule-violating OP.  The moderators asked me to change it, removing the accusation.  I did so, despite the fact that I hadn't violated any rules.

Their response?  They refused to publish the modified OP and suspended me for 30 days.

I corrected the supposed rule violation.  They punished me for doing so, using an authority they do not have: that of suspending people.

30 days of censorship, in which my account was completely disabled, when I had cooperated by modifying my OP.

It was a blatant abuse of moderator power, top to bottom.

Keep whining.  Your transformation into Joe Gallien is almost complete.

"CO2 can't re-emit any trapped heat unless all the molecules point the right way"
"All the evidence supports Creation baraminology"
"If it required a mind, planning and intelligent design, it isn't materialistic."

Whizz-dumb from Joe "Sharon" Gallien, world's dumbest female impersonator YEC.

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