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That's some pretty poor thinking, Acartia.

By your logic: UD is a privately owned site, and the moderation decisions are made by the owner, Barry Arrington.  Therefore we should all meekly accept his actions. Reciprocating Bill's decision to start the BlogCzar thread, in which he and many, many others have documented the moderation abuses at UD, reflects an unhealthy "obsession" on his part.  He, and everyone else who has contributed to that thread -- including you (oops) -- should just shut up and show respect for Barry's authority.

But of course that's ridiculous.  All of us who contribute to that thread are doing a good thing by standing up to, documenting, and generally laughing at Barry's tinpot despotism.  Likewise, Patrick and I are doing a good thing by standing up to and protesting the tinpot despotism of the current TSZ moderators.

By objecting, you are showing your authoritarian stripes.   The Authorities Must Not Be Criticized, you tell us.  Authoritarianism is not a good look on you; you might want to rethink your choice.

As for TSZ, Lizzie is absent and has been for years, apart from brief and sporadic visits.  She left behind some clearly stated aims and rules.  The moderators have been flouting those aims and rules right and left, culminating in the current illicit 30-day suspension.  

As explained above, my OP violated no rules -- as admitted by Alan himself -- and the moderators have no authority to issue suspensions, much less 30-day ones -- as admitted by Neil himself.   Their action was clearly an abuse of moderator privileges, and clearly against Lizzie's stated aims and rules. Patrick and I are protesting, and it's the right thing to do -- just as starting the BlogCzar thread was the right thing for Recprocating Bill to do.

You're objecting.  Evidently, in your world, The Authorities Must Be Obeyed, even if they are abusing their powers and issuing illegitimate 30-day suspensions.  

Unless the authority is Barry, that is, in which case you're right alongside the rest of us in protesting and mocking his decisions.

Hypocrisy, like authoritarianism, is not a good look on you, Acartia.

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