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Tony M Nyphot

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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 30 2018,23:49   

Quote (keiths @ Aug. 30 2018,19:21)
Well, that's interesting.  No one at TSZ -- including Alan himself -- was willing to defend Alan's behavior after the ALurker fiasco.  In fact, Alan was forced to issue a humilating apology for it, and he was so ashamed of it afterward that he prematurely closed the Moderation Issues (4) thread in an attempt at sweeping his disgrace under the rug.

But you, Occam's Aftershave, actually think Alan's behavior was acceptable for a moderator?

I'm curious.

1. Can you please provide a link to where "Alan was forced to issue an humiliating apology."?

2. Were any posts deleted or hidden from view in the Moderation Issues (4) thread? Were posters unable to continue the conversation in Moderation Issues (5)? If not, how did closing the thread sweep anything under the rug? Maybe I'm missing something and the Uncommonly Dense Thread (5) here at AtBC swept the previous 4 under the rug?

3. What in Occam's comment indicates what he might think about Alan's behavior one way or another? Perhaps it was only a personal observation about your behavior and says nothing at all about Alan.

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"You could always wrap fresh fish in the paper you publish it on, though, and sell that." - Field Man on how to find value in Gary Gaulin's real-science "theory"

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