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Quote (Soapy Sam @ Feb. 17 2017,14:11)
Quote (Glen Davidson @ Feb. 17 2017,02:32)
I should add that Mung doesn't seem very adept at programming, but, again, may be trying to fake that.  He came up with a dumb Weasel program, however, it looked like he was spoofing.

Glen Davidson

Possibly, though it took more effort to write than a sensible one, to no apparent end.

If that were the case then he'ld be a double crossing ostensible ID agent. Pretending to be on their side but colaborating with the forces of"evolutionism" in a thinly veiled hoax that only ID Tards would believe. Or he's just simply a very stupid but savant ID apologist. For my money he's not smart enough to be the former given the shotgun sized hole that his brain has which most people need to think properly with.

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