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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Sep. 25 2012,23:08)
honestly, tell the truth now, tardaholics.

wouldn't you rather argue with militant young earthers than these vague mystics?  really? i mean, which is the more malevolent form of stupidity?

I'd say ID is the more dangerous form of stupidity. With YECs, the underlying fundagelical roots of the position are so blatantly obvious that YEC-pushers plain old can't win in court—even if they do luck out and get a fundy-friendly judge to agree that YEC is All Science So Far, that f-f judge will be hobbled by (a) YEC's voluminous legalistic track record which incontrovertibly proves that YEC is religious dogma, and (b) the need to cobble together some sort of justification that won't get shredded on contact with an appeals judge.
With ID, the underlying fundagelical roots of the position have been sufficiently obscured that it's very possible for a rational human being who isn't familiar with ID to conclude that ID genuinely is Real Science.

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