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Erasmus, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 25 2012,22:53   

end of the innocence

Joe Felsenstein on September 24, 2012 at 1:01 pm said:
Folks, if Elizabeth were active here she would send the lot of you to the Sandbox.  Your material on people’s personal and political motivations is irrelevant to the gpuccio discussion.  The same thing is happening at UD where everyone here is being called liars.

I am trying to have a discussion with gpuccio but the noise level here looks to be a problem.

Mark Frank
on September 24, 2012 at 2:26 pm said:
I second this.  The moderation policy at UD has meant that this blog has become a sort of parallel discussion. It would be easier if it were one blog but it works in a fashion.

Let’s make sure this blog does not turn into another AtBC. I am not saying that there isn’t a place for AtBC as well – but it’s a different place. UD combines genuine criticism with more personal stuff  – but it works better if they are separate.

When tard addicts start running low on the tard they get huffy and try to protect their stash.  

ID has been dead for years.  you guys are trying to scrape the last little corner of the pipe over there.  good luck to that

Because ID is dead as a mackerel, there’s no point in arguing against it scientifically anymore, and all we have left is making fun of diehard IDiots like Donald who still try to walk the stinking corpse around, a la Weekend at Bernie’s.

Lenny done said it years ago

Like it or not, tardahols, "motive" is the single fucking thing there is worth talking about when it comes to intelligent design creationism.  How many times do you need to jack off to the same picture before you realize the cake is a whore?

Edited by Lou FCD on Sep. 26 2012,08:26

You're obviously illiterate as hell. Peach, bro.-FtK

Finding something hard to believe based on the evidence, is science.-JoeG

the odds of getting some loathsome taint are low-- Gordon E Mullings Manjack Heights Montserrat

I work on molecular systems with pathway charts and such.-Giggles

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