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Quote (olegt @ Mar. 18 2012,08:30)
He is a New Age type.
BTW, I don't know which book you ordered, but they don't equally examine the views I express here. Anarchic Harmony is more of a 100-page anti-authority, anti-convention rant than anything else, but I've always been fond of Robert Anton Wilson's introduction. Unconditional Freedom is a more in-depth explanation of my views. Please keep in mind that I wrote both of those about 20 years ago, so my views have changed and developed over that time.

Both of those books are now out of print and are now only available via the second-hand market. For something more current, you might try "Instant Enlightenment", available as a digital download from Cheap, at $2.50, and brief (as the term "instant" indicates) at 40 pages. But, I don't get into any "explanation" in IE; it's more of just a how-to book.

I think they prefer the term "New Age Baramin".

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