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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 15 2012,06:48   

Quote (damitall @ Mar. 15 2012,14:42)
Liz reports that kairosfocus has attempted to post at TSZ, but got caught in a spam-trap.

(I haven't bothered looking to see if she's set it free, since I might be tempted to read it, and I'm nearing the limit of my capacity for being told that Western Civilisation is on the steep slope to perdition, because chi-squared and Plato, or something)

Surely that post, from that poster, means UD has twitched its last anti-evolutionary spasm?

Do we get to dance on its grave?

Well who's left?

Teh Frill, Barry, the other blind mullets and sox^^150.

I hope Lizzy sticks here arm down the S bend and pulls KF out and hangs him out to dry.

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