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Soapy Sam

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 05 2012,16:16   

Quote (Febble @ Mar. 05 2012,14:43)
I'd be delighted if someone would like to post a new GA post.

Joe is now in moderation.

Discussing this perhaps? A simple GA mimicking evolution of an 'engineering' solution ... - complex and nothing 'smuggled-in', other than a means of distinguishing 'better' from 'worse' according to the function being selected for (counting out time).

(If I were attempting to persuade ID-ers with it, I would be for editing some of the text with which the simulation is introduced - guaranteed to alienate the target audience with haughty tone!).

Evolutionists trust entropy for creation of life but are like men who horse a crocodile to get across a river - niwrad.

The organism could already metabolize citrus. Joe G

If hail is made out of ice and ice came from ice via water, then hail is made out of ice. Joe G

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