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Quote (eigenstate @ Mar. 05 2012,14:33)
Too bad for Elizabeth, and the TSZ. I don't know how you guys do it, Joe's trolling is just WAY too damn fatiguing and boring to deal with.

Really, life is to short to live as troll fodder for Joe.

And that's what TSZ has become, now. It's Joe's forum, now.

I wanted to post on the GA thread -- I am one who has invested, personally, several person-years, and many more person-years have been put in by my team, on commercial applications of genetic algorithms. It's an interesting, underdeveloped topic.

But I'd be a fool to waste my time on that thread.

Joe has the upper hand, at this point. The advantage goes to the troll in these situations. It takes a collective commitment to not feed the troll to stem the problem, and Joe's a very capable troll.

I thought Felsenstein's post was good, but what's the point? As soon as any attention gets invested in it, Joe just moves over there, and the post is nullified.

I'm pretty sure I can keep him bogged down in his own thread, now I've got him attributing things to Schubin that he's never said.

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