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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 24 2012,13:13   

Quote (olegt @ Feb. 24 2012,12:22)
Gil is such a drama queen.

I respectfully request that my account at this forum be permanently deleted. The probability that I will return is zero.

Participating here is a colossally pointless waste of time, but thanks for the initial invite.

The last sentence is exactly right, though, and some of us knew that all along.

Oh, play fair, Darwinist. He probably had a bad day and needed to flounce. It's not like he's done it befo....


Damn, such a loss to everyone to see him retreat into the sunset like that.

Oh, wait a sec....what's that, Gil? You want to talk some more about yourself, do you?

What a narcissistic TARD you are, Gil.


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