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I know. I am tempted to go out and loot myself because I haven't actually bought the new BMW yet. The financing is all wrong.

Kinda 'cute' when a guy appear on tv bemoaning his habit of buying a new Porche every year instead of spending the dough on doing some good...

But seriously, what we see is just an aspect of human nature. We have the capability of doing the ultimate good(?), sacrificing our life for someone we love, or to kill indiscriminately. And anything in between. For whatever reason.

But what we see not only in the UK but all over the world is, I believe, simply what we get in return for the gross mismanagement of the world. Anyone know the amount spent on war machinery and warfare since 1945?

I have 'always' thought it would be a good idea if a weapons embargo was imposed on Africa. Seems to me kinda immoral to give kids firearms. Like Kurt Vonnegut wrote in a short story: A guy visiting a nuclear bomb scientist.  After he left, the scientist found his little son toying with a handgun. The scientist shaking his head: "how could he?."

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