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Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 10 2011,15:13)
However, whilst things are not perhaps as bad as 1986, they are very far from good. There is still a large amount of very disaffected and dispossessed people in the UK. Relegated to second class existences in unpleasant sink inner cities. We'd be bonkers to claim these guys are as hugely disadvantaged as their forebears, but equally bonkers to claim they're not disadvantaged compared to the median of society.

From experience in France (the 2005 riots, regular car burnings, attacks on cops and all), the youth taking part in these riots are not exactly part of the demographic you are talking about.

*Le sigh*

Undoubtedly you are in part correct, some are, some aren't. As with anything in life it's more complicated and confused than anyone can simply express.

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