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Quote (BillB @ Aug. 10 2011,14:17)
Quote (Louis @ Aug. 10 2011,12:33)
Pfff these aren't proper riots. These are silly kids going out for a lovely bit of looting and McDonalds burning because they can. It's not (yet) like the 80s when people actually had something to riot about. There's no unifying cause or principle behind most of this rioting. It's pretty sickening and my thoughts are with the victims of the riots.

What worries me is what draconian toss the Old Etonians are going to introduce on the back of it.


Rubbish, of course they have something proper to riot about. Many of these poor deprived middle class kids don't have the very latest mobile phone, or a bigger flat screen TV than they already have, or a second XBox, or more than two pairs of fashionable trainers.

Many more are deprived of their human right to make money selling stuff that they don't own on e-bay. They are rioting about how their undeniable human right to have lots of shiny fashionable things for nothing is being denied them by the evil authorities and adults, who so unreasonably demand that they must first work hard to earn the money with which they can then buy stuff.


I know. I am tempted to go out and loot myself because I haven't actually bought the new BMW yet. The financing is all wrong.

I saw an interesting piece in the news yesterday about the situation in Tottenham and other nearby boroughs. Something I found interesting is how much things had improved in the 25 years since the Broadwater riots. I'm trying to find the piece with the details in atm and confirm the claimed stats as far as possible.

However, whilst things are not perhaps as bad as 1986, they are very far from good. There is still a large amount of very disaffected and dispossessed people in the UK. Relegated to second class existences in unpleasant sink inner cities. We'd be bonkers to claim these guys are as hugely disadvantaged as their forebears, but equally bonkers to claim they're not disadvantaged compared to the median of society.



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