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Quote (noncarborundum @ April 25 2011,20:10)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ April 25 2011,18:49)
Quote (noncarborundum @ April 25 2011,15:40)
Quote (Dr.GH @ April 25 2011,09:58)
Quote (clamboy @ April 24 2011,19:06)
You are all brave, brave people to sit through that. Less than ten minutes into Mr. Brimley's horrible delivery and I had to walk away.

I had to skip through. Not only was the talk without substance, but the delivery was stultifying.

This is what I imagine it would be like to attend a college class taught by kairosfocus.  Except that you couldn't just click the "pause" button before you dozed off entirely.

Pause button? I'd want it to be closer to over by the time I awoke, I think.

I was sort of assuming one didn't actually want to doze off in class if one could avoid it.  Your mileage may vary.

That also assumes that you had a choice of dozing off.  With some people, staying awake is not an option.  Try it - have somebody read one of his posts - see if you can stay awake!

"Just think if every species had a different genetic code We would have to eat other humans to survive.." : Joe G

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