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I consider myself a political realist rather than an idealist or sentimentalist.

Realism doesn't mean I can't be wrong. It just means I endeavor to see where the jujitsu levers are. One person or a few people cannot change the world by force. Hell, even the Chinese army can't change the way the world works.

But a few people can have and promote ideas for change.

I happen to believe (and can certainly be wrong) that ideas are most forceful when presented as ways of giving people things they want, as opposed to taking away things they have.

It's an interesting thing to me that the material things people want are beginning to arrive in smaller and less material intensive packages. Computers, phones, entertainment systems are all more energy efficient than they were three decades ago.

If this is a trend, I can see some light ahead. It is possible to reduce per capita energy usage without taking stuff away from people.


The question in my mind is how you from here to the next century without world wars. I certainly think there will be wars if rich countries try to stop development in poor countries. And it is the poor countries coming on line that will be the worst carbon emitters.

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