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Quote (Quack @ April 03 2013,13:21)
On the debate page of a newspaper here I found the title

"Global cooling followed by ice age."

In a feature article professor of meteorology Horst Malberg warns the German people about several decades of global cooling. Other German climate researchers are in prestigious Die Welt quoted about a possible ice age soon in Europe.

Lennart Bengtsson

Horst Malberg

Looks like the pro and con AGW is here to stay until ...?

Your Malberg link goes to another Bengtsson article on NoTricksZone.

Malberg seems to be another loon trying to put everything on solar cycles, no peer review, etc. Taken down previously be science bloggers.

Bengtsson's article seems to be from a retired scientist who doesn't understand the communication problems with the public. He seems to accept the underlying reality of GHG driving climate change, but is throwing up his hands over the ferocity of the debate. Sorry, you don't get to choose that.

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