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Tracy P. Hamilton

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Putting on my pessimist cap, it looks a bit like 1938 in the world today. Perhaps after the next world war, the infrastructure will be rebuilt around renewable energy.

Documentaries from the future (Mad Max and the Thunderdome, and Riverworld) show that we will still rely on petroleum's long dead hand.  Don't ask about the green stuff being served as food.

I'm thinking were are entering a new cold war. I hope it's cold.

But petroleum could get more expensive real fast, and that's really what it will take. It would be one of the better scenarios if we were forced to engineer and build new infrastructure on something like a wartime footing.

I still think the magnet problem is deeper than acknowledged, assuming small generators are going to replace centralized ones.

I have good news, kind of.  If we hold to current emissions, there will be no apocalypse.  :O   Hence bringing alternative technology online just enough to keep emissions from growing is all that is required.

The problems:  getting energy hogs to change their ways so that the gazillions of people in developing worlds can emulate us but in ways that won't make emissions grow crazily.

The immediate problem: getting Republicans to deal with reality.

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