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It seems that I should not have warned Kevin Miller against promoting his other films (SpOILed) in the "Expelled" thread after all.

Global warming, Ben Stein's economics (in which he denied the possibility of any economic recession, right before it happened), and "Darwinism" seem to be connected, if one watches Collapse, in which Michael Ruppert describes how our presumed infinite-growth economy (a pyramid scheme, essentially) is being brought down by the depletion of the world's oil reserves (peak oil).

One thing that has always confused me about deniers is that they speak from the other side of their mouths and actually praise a warmer climate. DaveScot himself did it.

This makes sense if one accepts Ruppert's assertion that the melting of polar ice caps frees up Antarctica for drilling, since ANWAR would produce only 6 months of oil for 10 years' work, and even Saudi Arabia has turned to offshore drilling, an indication that even the Saudis can no longer profit from finding more land-based reserves of sweet crude.

So, there you have it folks: "deniers" are just stalling for time, because they want it to happen.

Ruppert spends some time outlining and connecting the "infinite growth paradigm," derivatives, compound interest (the understanding of which conservatives used to advocate just like gold shares, until derivatives and the housing bubble came along), the recession, the Arab Spring, the bankruptcy of California, and the population explosion with the production and consumption of oil. Whatever you think of his assertions, I recommend the documentary for this section alone.

With all the talk about a "paradigm shift" from ID advocates, Stein, Miller, Mathis, Ruloff, and others, you are not going to hear this from them.

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