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Quote (OgreMkV @ Sep. 09 2011,22:26)
Quote (MichaelJ @ Sep. 08 2011,22:53)
AGW denial is different to Evolution denial because we can track the changes to the climate.
Given that the rural conservatives and large ag businesses have the most to lose through climate change  will we reach a point where they tell their denial leaders to fuck off.

They can hardly asked for subsidies to manage the effects of climate change if the GOP denies it exists.

You're so cute when your naive :)

Rick Perry, as we speak, is trying to get FEMA money for Texas, even after cutting fire defense budgets AND telling the government that FEMA was a waste of time and money because the states can handle it without the interference of the Feds.

Denial is denial.  Politics is politics.  Money is money.  Logic and sense be damned when politicians are talking and money is on the table.

No I agree that leaders will only change if they are in danger of losing an election if they don't change. This happened in Australia about a decade ago when the Prime Minister was a denialist and suddenly found out that 75% of Aussies believed in climate change.

I was talking about the great unwashed masses and some not so small agri concerns. Your farm could end up totally uneconomic due to climate change. As usually happens the government steps in to subsidise changes in land use. Now the GOP has painted itself into a corner and can't subsidise the effects of something they don't believe exists. So I wonder if the farm towns will start voting for candidates that believe in AGW.

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