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Quote (Trubble @ July 15 2011,14:26)
Thanks, Louis. My original question has been adequately answered, by several people including yourself. I think the "denier" label is sometimes applied to people who I don't think are denying the reality or seriousness of climate change, only going against the mainstream on some of the details or suggested solutions. I think that tactic is counter-productive. But no one here seems to support it, which is good.

My "sticking point" now is that I don't appreciate being accused of having some kind of dishonest agenda, or of being a "dumb sumbitch" too lazy or stupid to use Google. I said earlier I'd go back to lurking, because I don't enjoy this kind of exchange ("Jane, you ignorant slut..."), but I guess I've been sucked in now.

Anyway, my main interest is in exploring the disconnect between the scientific consensus and the public policy side. I think there are a lot of reasons why the general public is still skeptical, and some (not all) of those reasons relate to the way the scientific community overall is handling the issue. This is a teaching moment, and when a student isn't getting it, it's the teacher's responsibility to find a way to get through.

My profession is communications, so crafting messages so they'll resonate with a target audience is something I know a little about. Hence my orientation to this.

Trubble, I think think you will find (at least in the communication front) that science is losing badly.

There are some 'news' outlets that have specifically been pushing a global warming denial platform.  Unfortunately because they say other things that people want to hear (preaching to the choir), their statements about global warming (and other things) are taken at face value by the viewers.

The news has sexy anchors paid megabucks to say what they are told to say.  Science has the dry facts and generally unattractive personalities (in both meanings of the word).

Science is hard, belief is easy.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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