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Quote (midwifetoad @ Mar. 21 2012,09:26)
Of course, this is a generalization, and I am always cautious when reading research results reported in the media.

When discussing the right, it might be helpful to distinguish between authoritarian and libertarian.

Politics make for orthogonal alliances.

Bible-thumpers or solipsists.

The Right is all about Small Government until it comes to telling people (especially women) The Right Way To Live.

Couple of US conservative women on CBC the other day were saying they're voting Republican anyway because of the economy, completely forgetting that if The Right had had its way 100 years ago these women still wouldn't be voting at all.

"But it's disturbing to think someone actually thinks creationism -- having put it's hand on the hot stove every day for the last 400 years -- will get a different result tomorrow." -- midwifetoad

"I am in a rush to catch up with science work." -- Gary Gaulin

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