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Quote (MichaelJ @ Jan. 30 2012,16:59)
I wonder why there is such a negative correlation between creativity and general talent and the kind of people that get attracted to fundamentalist religion. Take out his Atheist writings and Hitchens was still an amazing essayist, Dawkins with his popularisation of science, Stephen Fry! Colbert and Stewart aren't atheists but they accept reality. The list can go on.

Even at a local level, I have about 1000 clients on my list and without exception the creative and the clever are all left leaning.

Kevin is never going to be anything but a hack and an admitted liar. I don't know how anybody could live with themselves just being happy with mediocre

It has to do with the difference between rules, and a rule-based or authoritarian mentality, and principles, which are guided by open-ended inquiry.

Look up "Maslow's hierarchy of needs." However, be aware of the criticisms of this system, but his is a helpful illustration.

Also, research seems to indicate that "left-wingers" more ably tolerate ambiguity. Right-wing versus left-wing brains. "Right-wingers" tend to be more imitative than innovative. Of course, this is a generalization, and I am always cautious when reading research results reported in the media.

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