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Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Jan. 27 2012,16:41)
Thought you guys may want to see some of our latest imagery for Hellbound?

Speaking solely for myself, Mr. Miller, I have no interest in seeing any movie that you had anything to do with. By your own behavior, you have demonstrated yourself to be a goddamned liar-for-Jesus and a propagandist in whose mind 'truth' must always be subordinated to whatever ideology you happen to be whoring yourself out for at the time. The fact that the God you profess to worship has not smited you for your numerous violations of His Ninth Commandment—exactly none of which violations you have seen fit to even acknowledge, let alone repent for—must be considered evidence that the God you profess to worship either does not exist, or else doesn't give a shit what sort of shenanigans us humans get up to in His name.
You, Mr. Miller, had better hope that the Bible is wrong about the post mortem fate God has reserved for false witnesses. Because if the Bible is right about that, you are going to burn in a lake of fire for all eternity.

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