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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 25 2011,12:11   

Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Mar. 25 2011,14:54)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 25 2011,09:40)
If you believe in Hell
And then have children
You are a monster.


add "and oppose abortion*"

* and if you think that aborted fetuses go to hell, you worship a monster

Wait! I thought "God" sent unbaptised babies and aborted foetuses to Heck, which is like Hell but not as nasty. When he does this he is operating in his official capacity as "Gosh". So Gosh darns babies to Heck, whereas God damns sinners to Hell.*

Have I got this wrong?

Also, why can't I own a Welshman (not that I'd want to) and when is appropriate to ask a woman if she is menstruating in a church? These are important, serious questions. {Serious Face}


*But he loves you! {Two thumbs up + Cheesy grin}

Edited to add (because I can): I will be bringing in my favourite expletive of the year should Kevvo act the tit any further. That expletive is "Dead Jew on a stick!". Just so y'alls is forewarned.


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