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Quote (JAM @ Mar. 25 2011,10:51)

Hmm...missed this earlier. Sorry 'bout that.

And I totally agree, but to be equally fair, that is the (albeit overly simplified) version that the religion of Christianity teaches. It may not be accurate given what Jesus intended, but that's kind of irrelevant at this point.

There is no "religion of Christianity," Robin. Christianity is divided into many sects. Kevin just represents one of the most profoundly perverted ones.

He's one of the Pharisees that Jesus railed against.

Yes...I was being sloppy there. If we're being precise and all, then what I meant to say was that the majority of Christian churches hold to the Paulian version of hell that I oversimplified. I agree that some Christians recognize that Paul's version is not, however, what the bible fully teachers and thus have a more broad - and usually metaphorical - understanding of the concept.

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