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[quote=OgreMkV,Mar. 25 2011,10:22][/quote]
Your God come to you and says, "From henceforth, I require that all my worshippers eat one baby a month or they will go to Hell."

You either
a) say "Pass the Ketchup" in which case you are a evil, evil man.

Technically, if he says, "pass the ketchup", he's not being evil since by his definition (I'm sure) his god sets the rules on morality - if he's being consistent that is. He'd certainly be considered a horrible reprobate by our society's standards, but then he really shouldn't care about such things - again if he's being consistent.

So, how can atheists be moral?  Because we are smart enough to know what is acceptable in our culture.

That is why we don't need your Hell.  Because we act morally and ethically because we want to, not because we are forced to.

Yep. To elaborate on this, many psychologists and counselors note that the people we label as "good", "ethical", "moral", etc appear to have a greater ability to recognize how others will react to the "good" people's behavior/actions and are better able to plan ahead for those reactions. It seems that "good" people tend to desire other people to react favorably towards them, so they choose actions that have the greatest chance of garnering a favorable response.

Pretty straight forward If-Then social understanding if you think about it.

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