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Louis, you rock.  Thanks.

Miller-dude, what is your response to this simple statement.

Your God come to you and says, "From henceforth, I require that all my worshippers eat one baby a month or they will go to Hell."

You either
a) say "Pass the Ketchup" in which case you are a evil, evil man.

b) say "No" in which case you have denied your God's authority to make moral decisions on your behalf and instead are fully capable of making your own moral decisions... even without God.

c) say "God would never say something like that", in which case, there is a morality that is external to God which even He must follow.  Which, again, means that you can go directly to that external morality and skip God entirely.  Provided you have the strength and courage to do so.

Atheists understand that morality and ethics is based on one's culture.  To a Mayan, it was perfectly acceptable to sacrifice a young woman in the Spring.  The young boys competed for a chance to be sacrificed.  To a citizen of Judea about 2011 years ago, slaves were perfectly acceptable and a slave could be beat almost to death.  Women and children were regularly stoned to death while the entire village looked on.  etc. etc. etc.

Our culture does not find any of that acceptable.  Hell (copying Louis), even the Southern Baptists have taken slavery out of their charter (in 1996!!!!).

So, how can atheists be moral?  Because we are smart enough to know what is acceptable in our culture.

That is why we don't need your Hell.  Because we act morally and ethically because we want to, not because we are forced to.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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