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[quote=kevinmillerxi,Mar. 25 2011,00:52][/quote]
My thought process: If what we refer to as reason is nothing but the product of chance + necessity, then the outcome of our reasoning process couldn't be anything more than the same--a product of chance plus necessity.


What you're doing is equating meta property results with the underlying causal process. Basically your argument here is no different than insisting that if salt is nothing but the product of sodium and chloride (or water is nothing but the product of hydrogen and oxygen or...), then the outcome couldn't be anything more than the same. Dare ya to put sodium and chloride separately on your food and try to eat it. Further, I double dog dare you to insist that sodium and chloride sitting in separate jars are the same thing as salt.

In the same way, reason (the 'taste', if you will, of using salt) is merely a tool (or in this case "spice") that is a meta product of the functioning human brain (the salt in this case). That evolution - a process of "chance and necessity" (or the sodium and chloride) happen to the process that produces the brain does not mean that the products of the brain are somehow chance and necessity.

The rest of your post is just more details on your erroneous premises and faulty conclusions.

I guess my point is, I hear a lot of people espousing an atheistic point of view but very people actually living out the logical consequences of that point of view. Even Will Provine, who has done as good a job as any of following things through to their logical conclusions, does not seem to live according to his espoused worldview.

It's perfectly easy to live out an atheistic world-view. You start with "I'm hungry" and everything you know about reality follows from there.

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