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Quote (JohnW @ Mar. 24 2011,19:58)
Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Mar. 24 2011,11:38)
As far as this argument goes:
To me, something like The God Delusion  is a really good challenge to think through what I believe in and why do I believe it, and ask myself the big questions. Essentially, if Dawkins is right, the very tool he used to form his argument, which is reason, we have absolutely no reason to trust the outcome of. So his argument has destroyed the tool he used to create the argument. So it’s nonsensical.
I've heard plenty of you mock it, but no one refute it.

If we (well, you) don't trust the outcome of reason, how do you propose we go about refuting this?  Wait for revelation?

There may be some grammatical confusion somewhere in there. Kevin, could you please rephrase this so everyone (including non-US citizens) can get a feel of what you mean? I'm sorry but I feel there's something in there I don't get, because it makes no sense to me...

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