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It's actually kind of surprising that "this guy" would go that route.

The normal fundy tactic is to deny that reason is the only tool we have for figuring things out.  Instead, they also claim 'revelation' as a method for figuring things out.

So, umm... what's-your-face... do you deny revelation and accept reason as the only method for finding out things about the universe


Do you accept revelation and all the problems, misconceptions, confusion, and interpretation problems that it causes... not to mention that there is no evidence that revelation comes from God, any god, or anywhere other than the fallible mind of a single human?

Which is it please.  Once we know that, then we'll know exactly how to discuss things regarding 'hell' with you.

I mean, if you think reason is totally useless, then there's nothing anyone can ever do to help you.  Although I will insist that you destroy any tools developed by reason (unless you are a hypocrite).

If you think reason is OK and revelation has problems, then we should easily be able to convince you that 'hell' only exists in the minds and philosophy of Christians and the only bearing it has on the universe is how it makes others act (which, of course, is the entire point, to control other people).

* Yes, there is snark in here.  If you refuse to consider the question because of the snark, then you are much too thin-skinned to hang around here.  If you refuse to consider appropriate questions because they were asked in a 'mean' way, then I would encourage you to return to your church and stay there.  The real world is much to violent for you.

However, if you choose to respond to the questions, answer them, with approrpiate citations, then we can have a real discussion and the level of snark will probably drop.

The choice is up to you.  Your actions totally determine how you will be treated.  Respect is earned, not given.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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