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Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Mar. 24 2011,16:17)
OgreMkV: I find it laughable that you would quote J-Dog and then ask if  I'm going to discuss this subject in an adult manner. Clearly discussing things in an adult manner isn't a requirement to be part of this group. But to answer your question simply, yes. I don't need two millstones around my neck.

Awwwwwwwwww. Kevvy Wevvy is having a snit.

1) Talk about something serious and you might get serious conversation.

2) Don't lie, misrepresent, and slander innocent folks and you might get people treat you nicely.

You've already failed 2), you're failing 1).

Surely a Big Important Movie Maker like you knows how to contact Dan Dennett (for one example). Hell*, even I know how to contact Dan Dennett, and I'm a total nobody. I'm sure Prof Dennett has a few ideas about who you could contact. How about Hector Avalos? There you go, two names for you. No charge. Two names you would already know had you bothered to educate yourself beyond the "Fundy Basement" level.

And yet you come to a minor website full of nasty meanies (and nobodies as you are fond of reminding us) when you could pick up the phone/contact serious people like Wes etc individually. Gosh, it's almost like your claimed motives aren't anything resembling your real ones....curiouser and curiouser. Could it be you are in fact a disingenuous, sanctimonious, dishonest, intellectually vacuous, pious fraud? Oh wait, yes it could.

As for "discussing things in an adult manner", why do you assume you are worthy of that level of engagement? You've yet to demonstrate you can do it yourself. Remember "Expelled"? We do. A Riefenstahl-esque piece of misleading propaganda, chock full of lies and misrepresentations if there ever was one. Hell**, even old Leni had some talent, you....clearly not so much.

Now grow either a spine, or some reasonable sense that your former production was grossly and deliberately misleading (but I repeat myself), and then you might be worthy of some tiny scintilla of serious treatment. Until then...TEH MOCKERY! (Which is fun, sorry)

I may find suitable LOLcats when I find the time.


*Oops I did it again!

**And again! Naughty naughty Louis.


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