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Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Mar. 24 2011,11:17)
OgreMkV: I find it laughable that you would quote J-Dog and then ask if  I'm going to discuss this subject in an adult manner. Clearly discussing things in an adult manner isn't a requirement to be part of this group. But to answer your question simply, yes. I don't need two millstones around my neck.

"Hell" can not be discussed in an adult manner; as can not unicorns or leprechauns.

"It's as if all those words, in their hurry to escape from the loony, have fallen over each other, forming scrambled heaps of meaninglessness." -damitall

That's so fucking stupid it merits a wing in the museum of stupid. -midwifetoad

Frequency is just the plural of wavelength...

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