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Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 23 2011,14:43)
Hell is in the earth, no? That reveals a particular attitude toward the earth, does it not?

Doesn't it also allude to a sense of shame at our origins, our bodies, our sexuality? And thus global climate change, evolution, and death?

Vine Deloria, Jr., himself not an atheist, said that of all the religions, the Christian Heaven seemed to be the most pleasant, but the majority of its believers also seemed to have the greatest fear of death, largely because of this fear of hell.

It has not made people more moral, this fear, but it has given people a new weapon with which to demonize their enemies. Say what you want about Richard Dawkins or PZ or me, but none of us believes that there is a hell waiting for anyone that we do not like.

The Christian heaven seems like hell to me.  Singing and praising god forever... yech.  It'd definitely be hell for those standing next to me in the chorus line.*

*I can barely carry a tune on my iPod.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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