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Alan Fox

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Quote (JAM @ Mar. 20 2011,06:43)
Quote (Sealawr @ Mar. 18 2011,18:09)
I perhaps toss in a stray comment now and then.  Rich is hilarious and the highlight of Biologos.  He are a blowhard fibber of the ID variety...He is a self designated expert on physics, biology, genetics, medicine, philosphy, theology and probably a lot of other things as well.  Moves goalposts at moments notice, scurries from experts, etc etc.

Yes, Rich's tendency to scurry at the slightest evidentiary challenge is his most amusing feature.

And then we have Gregory Arago, who likes to pretend that he's onto A Big Discovery: social scientists misuse evolutionary theory. He seems (pretends?) not to know that Gould and Lewontin brought this up 32 years ago.

Are you just lurking or have you commented? You're not John are you? I confess to having dipped my toe in.

*runs and hides*

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