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Robin, I totally agree that many things are not black and white.  On the other hand, many things are black and white.  Slavery is wrong.  Murder is wrong.  Child labor and child soldiers is wrong.

I fully realize that many cases could be made for all of these things being 'good' (for some value of the word good).

Likewise with Martin Luther King.  If he had freely chosen to die to bring about the changes he wanted, then that's one thing.  But to be killed, without being given a choice, even if many good things came from it, that I still think is wrong.

Would more people have suffered for longer if King hadn't been killed?  Maybe, maybe not.  With the clarity of hindsight and the rightesnous of someone who knows the past cannot be undone, I think everyone would have preferred he not have been killed.

On the other hand, had he known what the results of his death would have been, would he have been willing to sacrifice himself for those?  I think that he would have been willing to do that, from what I know of him.

I don't know if that helps any.  

We're to the one guy tied to the railway and the three kids tied to the other railway.  You throw the switch and choose who lives and who dies.  It sucks and it is a moral quandry.

Environmental issues are easier.  We fix it, or everyone on the planet suffers.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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