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Quote (Alan Fox @ Mar. 11 2011,17:26)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 11 2011,06:23)
Good would seem to be contextual. Good for me? You? Us? Humanity? Life?

Can a good atheist be better than a good christian? Discuss!

Set as an essay in RI many moons ago. My answer, it all depends what you mean by good.  ;)

I'm going with "Once one has a definition of good that both groups agree upon then yes. Because the Christian is potentially doing good out of fear of god, compulsion by god, or greed for rewards by god, depending on their theological outlook. The atheist cannot, by definition, be doing any of these. All other standard human reasons for doing good apply equally to both large, diverse sets."

"Graffiti is done neither for financial reward or personal acclaim, therefore is the purest form of art. Discuss!"

Louis (Not at all derailing his own thread)


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