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Quote (Alan Fox @ Mar. 11 2011,11:26)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 11 2011,06:23)
Good would seem to be contextual. Good for me? You? Us? Humanity? Life?

Can a good atheist be better than a good christian? Discuss!

Set as an essay in RI many moons ago. My answer, it all depends what you mean by good.  ;)

Well, if you define 'good' as 'following God's Law', then no atheist can ever be good.  Which must be what those hater Christians are doing, because most of the Christians I have known in my 38 years have been utter a-holes with no thought except for themselves... except on Sunday morning.

While, every single atheist I have met has been polite, kind, and intelligent.  

Admitedly, it's a slightly biased sample.  But for any of my definitions of the word 'good', atheists win, hands down.  BTW: My definition of the word 'good' includes being able to critically analyze ones own behavior for inconsistancies and hypocritical concepts.  We all have them, at least thinking people can self-reflect and identify them, if not completely remove them.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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