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A very provocative contemplation Louis. I must confess that I've had similar contemplations from time-to-time.

For the most part I'm with SD on this from an intellectual standpoint - I've come to the conclusion that I can only accept direct responsibility for so much . Call it a domain of control (that's what my wife terms it). At some point, one has to recognize that although each of us as individuals contribute to the way the world is at any given instant, we are not responsible for it getting this way. It has evolved, for lack of more accurately descriptive word, into the current state through many varied events throughout history. Nothing you or I do can change where the world we have now came from.

So, your question, as I see it - or at least as I've phrased it to myself - is, do I accept the world the way it is and thus live my life within the structures and conditions that entails - go along with the status quo, as it were - or do I reject this world and try to survive outside the human societal structure. Those are the only to realistic options as I see it. The only other, as far as I can tell, is just to say EFF It! and commit suicide, but that to me is no more than punting; it doesn't address the root issue.

Alas, I think only you can answer the question for yourself. I know for myself that I cannot survive for long outside the human system that exists; I am, in a very literal sense, a product of it. But even beyond that, I don't want to. Yes...I'm with you in not being able to unsee and unknow those things that frustrate, disappoint, sadden, anger, and horrify me, but I also cannot ignore those things that impress, comfort, entertain, inspire, and restore me.

The world is a balance, Louis, at least that's what I've found. To me then, leading a "good" life is making the attempt to walk that thin line that defines the balance between what you like and what you don't and try, within whatever limits, comfort, and motivation one feels he or she has, to try to influence those former things one sees with the latter. That is, to whatever extent it "feels right", try to influence those things  that frustrate, disappoint, sadden, anger, and horrify you with things that impress, comfort, entertain, inspire, and restore you. You won't be able to affect very much I'm sure, but then so what? The only benchmark you can possibly (well...realistically) rely upon as a valid measure of success is your own ability, limits, and satisfaction. What else is there?

Hmmm...this is a hard medium in which to discuss such philosophical thoughts, Louis. We definitely need  to sit down with some beers for a few hours over this.

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