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Quote (Sol3a1 @ Feb. 25 2011,12:56)
Quote (Louis @ Feb. 25 2011,11:57)
To celebrate your birthday the entire nation of Great Britain will form a coalition government, make swingeing cuts to our public services and institutions, and throw the country down the shitter just like Ireland did.

No no, there's no need to thank us.

Merry Birthwali.


Oh yeah?

Look at what we're doing to ourselves here in the States (yeah, I know we've been fucked for sometime)  starting with Wisconsin!

Compared to the US, you guys are only half-assed when it comes to flushing your country down the crapper!

That sound like a cue for a Stephen Colbert "USA!  USA!  USA!  chant...

Yeah!  So take that GB...Our USA politicians are way, way stupider and meaner than yours!


But to add a serious note:  "WTF??????!!!!!???"

ps:  Sorry to ruin yur birfday Amadan, posting about politicians and all that.

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