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Quote (Sol3a1 @ Feb. 11 2011,05:17)
After I called him out on Evolution is a religion, even the courts figured it is not but ID is, this was his retort"

"Wait one second!!! Is an evolutionist citing the rules of the? courts that enslaved the blackman, declaring him three fifth a person? Oh wait, darwin and his cronies did argue that the black man was closer to the apes!

Same courts that treated women as second class citizens? And convicted Mr Scopes of the scopes monkey trial himself?

You are citing the rulings of a court because according to you this is where scientific matters are decided and not in a school or lab? REally?"

This is going to be fun

Have you showed this moron Father of Modern Young Earth Creationism George McCready Price's little poem?
The poor little fellow who went to the south
 Got lost in the forests dank;
His skin grew black, as the fierce sun beat
And scorched his hair with its tropic heat,
 And his mind became a blank.

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